Chris Church: Guitar

Chris Church, born May 10/1980, has been a fan of guitar and guitar driven music ever since he can remember.
His love for the six string began back in the late 80’s after hearing bands like Def Leppard and Guns n’Roses.
The sound of a lead guitar soaring through the speakers became an all out obsession – and for a few years – he would play on a broken hockey stick down in the basement while dreaming about playing like his hero’s.
When long time friend Kevin Cochrane picked up a real guitar and showed Chris a few licks the dream finally started becoming a reality.
Shortly after, with a sudden change in scenery and a new high school away from his friends – Chris found himself with a lot of spare time.
That is where his obsession turned into his passion for playing. The last two years of high school was all about the guitar.
Hours upon hours of playing paid off and it was time to get out of the basement and into a band.

In late 1999, long time friend and rhythm guitarist Jeff Bianchini called with news of finding a drummer (Dave Gibson) and a rehearsal space in his garage.
A few weeks later, bassist Brian Lenz joined the band and Freeburn was formed.
The chemistry was almost instant and the members never looked back. With a few changes behind the drums over the years, Chris was happy to land an exciting and versatile new drummer in Dave Shaw.
With a lot of similar influences and rock n’ roll showmanship, Dave became the perfect fit.

Though styles and influences have changed over the years, Chris still holds true to the idea that melody is key. Always the most important factor to the “Freeburn" sound.
He is able to bring his exploration of music and life experience through his guitar and still has the same passion for his craft that began years before.

Photo of Chris Church

Jeff Bianchini: Guitar

Jeff Bianchini was born July 24th/1980. His love for music began at a young age after being introduced to a variety of different genres of music through his dad’s extensive record & tape collection. This large music collection that Jeff had access to played a vital role in Jeff’s ability to hear and identify a good melody.

Bianchini was heavily influenced by hard rock, alternative and grunge music. Jeff found his true niche was playing the guitar and worked hard jamming along to all his favorite artists. Jeff’s enrollment in music lessons from a young age has paved the way for the polished guitar player we see today. The skills he learnt in lessons and hard work he has put into developing his craft has paid off, as is evident in his Rhythm Guitar playing role within Freeburn.

Jeff’s continues to write music and play guitar regularly and has a found another passion in songwriting.
His songwriting has played a large role in Freeburn’s unique sound!

Photo of Jeff Bianchini

Kevin Cochrane: Vocals

Kevin Dwayne Cochrane was born on September 20th, 1980 in Edmonton, AB, Canada . At school, Kevin was an unenthusiastic student, often finding himself kicked out for singing in class . His only real interest was music which allowed him some freedom of expression. He still managed to complete high school despite several teachers doubting it would ever happen.

But his ambitions laid elsewhere anyway. Kevin first started playing guitar at the age of 14 and found an escape in what he truly enjoyed, “Music”. He had been practicing guitar almost constantly, jamming around and singing to his favorite acts. In the beginning, Kevin started jamming with Jeff & Chris for fun . All 3 were guitar players, and someone needed to sing? Kevin was originally made to sing by the others as he was considered the best of the group . Soon after a bass player(Brian Lenz) and drummer(Dave Gibson) were brought in . What they didn’t realize was that an extraordinary thing was evolving. Over the years , Kevin has relished the role and inadvertently found his true niche in being the center of attention by being a “frontman”. Freeburn was created in the summer of 1999.

Kevin’s thirst for music is quite evident as you can see in every performance. He truly loves to perform.

Photo of Kevin Cochrane

Brian Lenz: Bass

Brian Lenz born August 11, 1980 grew up west of Stony Plain in the outskirts of town. He began his music tenure playing saxophone at Blueberry Junior High but did not follow through into his high school years. Being a huge fan of rock n’ roll he found himself jamming with friends and due to a ever growing need for bass players he found himself starting to grow accustomed to bass. Friends of Brian’s; Kevin Cochrane, Jeff Bianchini and Chris Church had started jamming regularly and Brian was encouraged by many to join in and fill their need for a bass player. Along with drummer Dave Gibson the original line up for Freeburn was born.
Brian was heavily influenced by the sounds of Guns N’ Roses, Metallica and Ozzy Osbourne which helped create his heavy, steady and intricate sound. His no bullshit attitude and stubborn German upbringing also helped shape the style of his playing. Over the years he became increasingly involved in the arrangements of the music Freeburn were creating. Brian is still holding the position and remains a founding member of the band and an integral part of the backbone of Freeburn’s sound.

Furthermore, Brian fucking hates writing biographies…

Written by, Dave Shaw

Photo of Brian Lenz

Dave Shaw: Drums

Dave Shaw is the current and fourth drummer to grace Freeburn with his talents, following Dave Gibson, Bobby Glenn and Brent Collisson. Dave was born March 23 of 1987 and grew up in Spruce Grove, AB. His interest in music began at age 8 when he first got his hands on a drum kit. His elementary school music teacher (Vern Roth) borrowed the kit from his church to share with his students. Dave was fucking mesmerized by the instrument and would stay late after school to practice every day that Mr. Roth would allow it. To this day it is a mystery how Mr. Roth put up with the noise, but his patience was much appreciated by young Dave. One year later the eager drummer was gifted a $200 drum kit from his parents that he would have to share with his brother, which created quite a struggle over the next few years. Dave went on to play with many bands including Mourning Glory, Eleventh Step, and Stilkyn, reaching moderate local success. He also spent time as a drummer-for-hire working with solo artists, which included a stint in a reoccurring position at a hotel that involved a revolving door of guitar players and vocalists. In July of 2010 he auditioned with Freeburn after accidentally stumbling upon an internet advertisement regarding their need for a drummer. After several audition sessions with the band he was granted the position, and has been rocking the stage with Freeburn ever since.

Photo of Dave Shaw